duality [L. dualitas]. n - being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or subclasses. DualiTy Design + Apparel is composed of designers D and T: architects by day, designers by night. Bringing to the table diversified backgrounds, talents and stylistic approaches the two unite to bring a unique 'dueling' palette of designs from which to choose.

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D Bio
Architect by day, designer and rockstar by night, D's passion for creativity reaches in many directions due to his inability to settle on just one. His interests range from music and art to architecture and travel. These lend themselves to a certain level of A.D.D. resulting in the eclecticism in subject matter seen in his designs, which range in topic from environmental activism to wicked sweet air guitar.

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T Bio
An architect with an eye for what's old and what's new, and how to create symbiotic relationships between the two, T is a designer and an individual who both respects and fears the profession. While his day job is seeking freedom in spatial form his extracurricular activities seek freedom of expression whether it be on paper, clothing, on the crest of a powder covered peak, or the swell of the surf.

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